Friday, April 12, 2002

Yesterday I had my Taiwanese class with Hironobu. The class made me realize that my Taiwanese comprehension is much better than I thought to my Mandarin comprehension. At the very least, I could follow along with what the teacher was saying in Taiwanese, whereas I would get lost when he spoke in Mandarin. He'd ask me to translate a word from Mandarin to Taiwanese, which was sometimes quite difficult for me. Now, if he had held up a picture of the item in question, that would have been easier.

TC also came to check out the class. I was so pleased to find out that he reads this blog and put a link on his site! Another pleasant surprise this morning was more link love from Tom, who's site is one that I envy for it's clarity and aesthetic. I like Tom's photos, too.

I received some comments about my photos of Thong Girl from one of my best guy friends in Taiwan, Jeff:

"Where the hell are the close ups!!!!!?"


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