Tuesday, April 09, 2002

As they say in Mandarin, "hao jiu bu jian!" (It's been a while). I have wanted to add to this blog all weekend, but unfortunately, Blogger was down Saturday night. Last night I again spent the night at Angela's apartment. I really enjoy staying over at Angela's place. Angela is very hospitable and makes me feel like her home es mi casa. Plus, she has a fabulous eye, so her home is beautifully decorated -- feminine and relaxed, not fussy and floral. I love her couch -- it's coffee colored courdoroy-like fabric -- and very comfortable. I always sleep well at Angela's place.

On Saturday, I went swimming with Wayne. I love how I feel after having a good swim (I swam 2,100 meters), shower, and meal -- when I am physically tired, clean, and my tummy is full. The biggest lesson from Saturday is that not all Asian-American BMW owners are shallow. I have this sterotype of certain Asian-Americans who drive luxury cars as being solely concerned with having the right brands. My point is, although Wayne is a BMW-owner, he has many other interests, and I respect and find interesting people who have such interests. Thank you, Wayne!

On Sunday, I was a participant in a Cultural Experience. Eason Chan, apparently the rising pop star in Hong Kong, performed at the Breeze Center. Mike Lee, successful contract lawyer at Squire, Sanders, and Dempsey during the work week, is a Asian pop music fan. He goes to concerts where he waves his copy of the performer's CD and joins the rest of the fans (some of whom are 'tweens) in shouting with excitement when Easan Chen casts playful glances towards his way. Mike is not ashamed of being a groupie, which is very cool. Power to the people who are open about their interests!

Mike is also quite patient, as he faced quite a tough crowd of cosmetics connoiseurs (Flora, Patty, and myself) Saturday evening as he attempted to do his NuSkin presentation. We brought out our products to compare with his NuSkin products, and had lots of fun doing chemical experiments on all these products. Just FYI, Aveda and Declor are just as pH balanced as NuSkin products. But do they have as kind and patient a representative as Mike?

Joaquin and Mate have decided that my Berlitz Think and Talk Spanish CD-ROM is very inadequate. They are going to teach me Spanish that I hope will be useful! Cualquier cosa que te quieras imaginar... Laugh!

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