Friday, April 05, 2002

Today is Tomb Sweeping holiday, so I went to the beach at Fulong with Christine and Felicia. The weather was beautiful: sunny and warm, and the beach more attractive than I expected. The only drawback was the strong wind picking up the sand and peppering it across our bodies. My day at the beach had an unexpected highlight, which occurred while Felicia and I were walking at the water's edge.

My, how times have changed. My mom always talks about how conservative Taiwanese people are. I was feeling relatively risqu�, as it seemed like only us foreigners were wearing bathing suits -- all the other beach goers were attired in long shorts and t-shirts. Then, I spied a local girl wearing a teeny bikini bottom -- a thong, as a matter of fact. And that was all. Nothing else. Just a strip of fabric and her breasts for all the world to see. She was bent over rubbing sunscreen on her female friend. (The rest of her girlfriends were wearing conservative bathing suits.)

Felicia and I were extremely amused, and then noticed two police officers walking by. Uh oh. Would they arrest the girl? Demand that she cover herself up? No way, they totally checked her out! It was hilarious! And I took a photo to record the moment. Once I get my film developed, I'm putting the photo up! (Don't worry, my zoom lens is not that good, so the people should not be identifiable.)

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