Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bad shirt yuanfen

Clearly I was not meant to wear the shirt I put on today. First, I noticed once I got into the office that there was a BIG, embarassing splotch on my shirt. I finally got it out during lunch when I went to the gym, and figured I could deal with wearing a slightly damp shirt for the rest of the afternoon. Of course, as soon as I open my lunch box, sauce splatters all over my front...

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Paging the mom

On my flight to Tokyo last night, I had the distinct pleasure of sitting next to a mother and her two young kids. The problem was, this mother didn't do any parenting at all, and her kids - high on sugar and fat (a couple of sodas, and the little boy ate the butter packet during dinner) - were just out of control. These were two very cute kids that need some proper parenting before they outgrow their cuteness. This mother was so out of it that as we were about to decend, I quickly put my documents aside to catch him before he swan dived from the seat. I was the one that caught his cup when he was about to knock it over, and the one who helped him put on his socks and re-fasten his seatbelt. The flight attendants all assumed he was my kid...oy. Earth to mom, care to give your kids the structure and discipline they're craving?

Friday, January 07, 2005

All by myself

Was feeling unwell yesterday and so took the morning off to see the doctors. I was so proud of myself for finally successfully negotiating Taiwan's medical system without having my hand held by one of the receptionists.

In Taiwan, if you want to see a doctor at a hospital, you must first go stand in line to register (10-15mins). After getting a number, you then go to another area ringed by smaller examination rooms and wait for your number to be called (10-15mins). After the examination (usu. <5mins), you then have to go back to the registration area to pay fees, including any presecriptions. Then, you get another number for the pharmacy, and go the that area to pick up any presecriptions (5-10mins). All in all, a rather complex process that can be confusing if you 1) don't read much Chinese, and 2) have a limited vocabulary. But I am learning, learning...

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Land of Penny Pinchers

A New York Times op-ed by columnist Nicholas Kristof calls the U.S. the land of penny pinchers. I did not know that Americans give 15 cents per day per person in official development assistance to poor countries, and spends four times that on soft drinks daily.

After reading it, I'm now thinking of giving to other causes in addition to those providing relief to the tsunami victims. Kudos to Jen for pointing out the article!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Treehugger: Stapless Stapler

This is one of those products that I see all the time in catalogues, but when I was actually going back to the States for a visit and wanted to buy one, I couldn't find a stapless stapler