Thursday, April 11, 2002

Mike wrote me to let me know that Eason Chan's name is not spelled "Easan Chen"--I'm glad this blog is being read, and read carefully! If not for Mike, I would not have noticed today while doing crunches at California that one of Eason's songs, "Wo de bei-bao" (my backpack), was playing in the background.

Today I had a veggie-filled day. Jen and I had a late lunch at Fei Tai Tai, a restaurant with a all-you-can-fill-two-plates salad and dessert bar. Perfect! I always feel like I never get my Five A Day (servings of fruits and vegetables, preferably not well-dressed with oil and soy sauce) in Taiwan, and you can never have too much dessert. Later, as I was walking to California after my salsa class, I passed a new Subway shop and couldn't resist going in. I'm so happy to have had so many veggies and whole wheat bread today! I think I eat more meat and oily foods in Taiwan, though cab drivers and my relatives always assume that all Americans eat hamburgers everyday. They've never considered organic foods-eating tree-huggers such as myself.

Today was also a reassuring day. I decided to accept my job offer from UMC, after much thought accompanied by an extra metaphysical reassurance. Jen's cousin, Sean, graciously agreed to read my fortune. One thing about fortune telling or a coin toss -- doing so always clarifies your true feelings towards the matter at hand. I have never really consulted fortune telling before, but this is quite the practice in Taiwan. The end result is that my fortune reading confirmed what I had concluded after much rational thinking. So now all I have to do is figure out how I will get myself from Taipei to UMC's corporate offices in Hsinchu at 8:30a.m. next Monday morning!

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