Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Windows Live+Vista = Mac copy

Nothing new to the technophiles, but as I recently installed Windows Live Messenger on my work computer, the installer asked if I wanted to install other features. I hadn't heard of these, so I looked them up:

Windows Live Mail = Mac (which has been around for years, with the same functionality)
Windows Live Photo Gallery = Mac iPhoto app
Windows Live Spaces = The service formerly known as .Mac, and now (I think) MobileMe, also Yahoo 360 (is that still around?)
Tabbed browsing in IE = Firefox...that's so ~4 years ago

So, not so innovative. At least now I know what all the names mean.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

essential online reading/current obsessions

Everyday when I get online at home, I read these websites in the following order: The Page by Mark Halperin at TIME (one page summary of what's going on in the election; the Google News page can get too distracting with all the links), McCainBlogette by Meghan McCain (great behind-the-scenes look of life on the campaign trail; while I disagree with McCain's policy views, I respect him and wife Cindy McCain (should she get most of the credit?) for raising such an articulate and gregarious daughter), and finally, Pink Is The New Blog (to feed by celebrity gossip obsession). I used to read Pop Sugar, but I find the one page format of Pink to take less time.

Lately, I've also been following the Sirius' Whatever Radio show blog. Jennifer seems to be really sweet and positive, and Alexis (Martha's daughter) seems to be a baking and household neat freak like her mom. I like that. I can be a neat freak, too. Actually, I aspire to be as organized and aesthetically talented as Alexis, but unfortunately I'm not.

I also like that although she is wealthy, she does her own housework. I find housework therapeutic, too. Neil thinks my housework as therapy is strange - last week when we were watching Prison Break, whenever I thought a scene was getting too intense or suspenseful, I'd run to the kitchen to wash a dish or organize a drawer to calm down. And then, of course, ask him, "what just happened?"

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What do Muslims really think?

Interesting article in the CS Monitor on what Muslims really think, from a Gallup poll.