Monday, July 18, 2005

Typhoon Day!

Yay, another blessed typhoon day, the first of this year. Typhoon Haitang has completed enveloped all of Taiwan, so no school, I mean, work, today. Saturday at the beach was beautiful—the sky was blue and clear, the weather warm and breezy, the waves kicking. A sea warning had already been issued, so right before Eve, Amanda, and I entered the water, the Coast Guard came by to warn us (meanwhile videotaping for their records) that we should not go in. I wanted to point out that they didn't seem to be very persuasive, as there were at least 50 others out in the water, but refrained. Of course we only played for a couple of hours, and were back in Taipei long before the big rains hit.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I've been so caught up in work this past week that if not for my roommate Angela's notice, I've been completely unaware of world affairs, including the terrible bombing in London this week. Anyways, what was supposed to be a relaxed birthday week instead turned to be a mad dash to straighten things up in the office.

I did have a good birthday; went to see Chicago on Thursday night with Neil courtesy of Jen. I hadn't realized it was opening night until I arrived at the theater and saw the press, cameras in hand, waiting for Taiwan's minor celebrities. Minor since I have no idea who they might be, but there were what I'd describe as two divas dressed as characters from the movie Chicago, and also the hip hop guy and his posse. Friday night was dinner at Giorgio's, my favorite Italian restaurant, and then off to the beach house for lots of sleep, the beach, and nothing else in particular—a good way to forget the stresses of the workweek, I say.