Tuesday, April 23, 2002

A bit of cross-promotion: may I recommend you check out my latest entry in electronic paths? I have featured some references on writing. Additionally, I posted to beauty salon yesterday, with an entry on Maggie's beauty routine. That is as sophisticated as my comments feature is going to be for now -- email me and I'll incorporate comments at my discretion.

In other news, last night was Benicio's (aka James) first time as a stand-up comedian, with Christine as his foil. The event, held at a bar called Witch House, was well attended by friends with kind intentions, despite the occasional (playful) heckling from the crowd. Mike tried to teach Benecio how to stand in the horse position of the martial arts style that Mike studies (the name of which Benecio translated as "Buddha's hand coming out of the cabbage"), Barbara regaled us with horror stories about blind dates in Taiwan, and I discovered -- long after the rest of the patrons did -- that Witch House's decor includes hanging bras off of chair backs. I do hope that Benicio will have another go at stand-up comedy.

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