Friday, August 07, 2009

Blog recommendation: Rural Doctoring

It's a typhoon day today, and for the past couple of days I've been utterly hooked into reading Rural Doctoring, a great blog about a family physician working in rural Northern California. She is a great writer, and although I was initially drawn in by her birth stories series, her other stories about practicing medicine are equally thoughtful and thought-provoking about the decision-making behind providing care. Highly recommended.


Unknown said...

What is a typhoon day? Do you get to stay home from work?

B said...

Yes, it's like a snow day! Schools and businesses are closed, public services are curtailed, etc. Although often times department stores, movie theaters, and restaurants are still open - so those poor workers don't get a day off. Depending on the typhoon, a lot of people take the night before a typhoon day as an excuse to go partying and singing karaoke all night!

kuri said...

great recommendation! I just read a couple entries, but excellent writing.