Monday, August 03, 2009

31 weeks: simple acts of kindness

Friday was my last day of work—one of my co-workers at the parent company waited for me to finish packing up my stuff and kindly helped me carry it to my car. Now we've exchanged pleasantries by the water cooler, but I don't know her well so I was really touched by her kindness. It's acts of kindness like this that makes up for others' passive-aggressive immaturity (I know, almost every workplace has at least one of those, but it's these acts of kindness that re-inspires one's faith in humanity).

Saturday night Neil got some practice (and did a great job!) playing with little Effie at Emily's farewell dinner.

It's been hot, hot, hot - steamy hot. I feel like all I do is sweat all day. Air conditioning is nice, but then there's a huge contrast when you finally step outside that just makes you feel even hotter. And I can't bring myself to turn it on at home for environmental reasons. Thankfully we've been getting a good breeze up in the mountains.

Sometimes I do feel a bit unwieldy, especially in this heat, and I'm definitely finding myself short of breath more easily these days, but I wouldn't trade the privilege of being able to carry my little boy for anything else. I love feeling him kick and roll and get the hiccups.

We've been cooking lots of cooling foods and other foods (trying to utilize the oven all at once to keep cool and save energy): mung bean and job's tear soup (cooling), pesto with whole-grain linguine, baba ganoush, whole wheat bread, and cheesecake. Yum!


kuri said...

Wow, no air-conditioning at home in Taiwan's famous summers!

I'm impressed once again. Haven't been able to refrain from using the ac in Tokyo's comparatively mild summer; just no breeze at home so it's hotter than outside.

B said...

We're lucky because we live up in the mountains and almost always get a good strong breeze. When we come home at night, the temperature difference between the muggy soup of Taipei city proper is noticeable. It's doable with a good fan.