Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bush is a sneaky slimeball and Yellow Hat is incompetent

While listening to the Leonard Lopate podcast while driving, I've learned that President Bush has been really underhanded and slimy as he undermines environmental protections, including last-minute environmentally policy changes and opening public land for drilling in Utah (of which the announcement was made on Election Day).

I was further riled up when I went to Yellow Hat to get my brake pads changed. This is the second time I've already been this week; I went Sunday to get the pads changed along with my oil, only for them to tell me they didn't have the parts and would have to order them. Fair enough. Then, they ordered the wrong model. So now I have to go back a third time. Not a happy camper.

I thought I'd at least treat myself by going to the Grazie restaurant next door for their mentaiko pasta. Unfortunately, they must have changed the recipe because it wasn't as flavorful as usual - I think they skimped on the mentaiko - it didn't have the salty lushness that the dish is supposed to have.

The evening was not all lost - did go to Costco where they (as usual) pleased me with their efficiency - exchanged a tub of mixed nuts that had already (!) been opened. Gross! Some people have no morals. So shoppers - unscrew the tops and make sure the security shield is in place before putting it in your shopping cart!

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