Friday, September 15, 2006

The tallest building in the world

Thanks to all who sent kind words about my vent on Monday. Today I went inside the tallest building in the world, Taipei 101. I've been to the attached mall several times, but today was my first into the offices section. When you enter the building, the security guards direct you to these computerized kiosks, where you can look up you destination location by company name or floor. Originally I found the system difficult to use since I managed to overlook the "English" button, but I eventually managed in Chinese. After you select the office, the kiosk rings the office, and if the receptionist gives clearance, the kiosk spits out the access card. Then, you go to the turnstiles (just like in subways), and feed your card into the reader, and then are finally directed to the elevators. The elevators are very swish, and I was up at the 24th floor faster than the hokey elevator in my office building goes to the 6th floor. Unfortunately, stepping out of the elevator, you're in a corridor that looks a lot like a mausoleum since the other elevator shafts are clad in granite. But now I can say been there, done that.

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