Saturday, September 30, 2006

A good weekend

It's been a good weekend so far. I actually left work early Friday because I was afraid of missing the train. I took the train out to the beach house to meet someone who was interested in buying my board. Big Dave kindly picked me up at the station and the timing was perfect—he pulled up as I walked out of the station. Since I was tired and sick with a cold, I just went straight to Neil's room with my new cabinet shelf from Ikea and rearranged the cupboard. Yes, that Martha Stewart-side of me enjoys and finds relaxing organizing cupboards so that the snacks, dishes, and glasses are placed for maximum efficiency. I was in bed by midnight (good girl) and slept in. I meant to do yoga this morning, but when you're sick, it's more important to sleep in, right? ;) The potential buyer came, liked my board, and bought it - yay! Relaxed some more, folded laundry, and caught the afternoon train back to Taipei. On the train I finally updated some spreadsheets on my laptop. This afternoon I did another load of laundry, folded the clean laundry that's been sitting around my room, and was surfing the Internet when the place where I get facials called to say that a space had opened up (I was on the wait list). So now I've actually crossed many things off my to-do list, and I'd probably could cross more if I'd stop surfing the 'net...hmm...time to get off...

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