Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Zao-gao! This morning was already packed, with a lot of company earnings and a last-minute note to edit, when I found that the cover had come loose on my plastic container holding my breakfast and yogurt had spilled over everything in my purse. Out came my gym clothes, calculator, wallet, card case, and phone (yogurt dripping out of the contact holes for charger--thank God it still works). Lots of mopping up in between feverish editing and assembling. I was in quite a tizzy when I wanted my boss to review my product before sending it to Hong Kong and couldn't find him in his office, and so dialed his cell.

"Yes, I'm in the office," said Don. "I'm in the restroom, is that okay?"

Oh. Um. Why yes. Never let it be said that I keep my boss from going about his personal business.

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