Monday, April 05, 2004

I had my CFA test prep class again this past weekend. I sit more than is good for me Monday through Friday as it is, so these weekends are really killer. Physically, this past weekend wasn't as bad as usual because I really made sure to eat very lightly Saturday night.

Jen and I went to Hui Liu, this organic vegetarian restaurant. Afterwards, I went to the gym -- I wanted to do a low-intensity but long workout, so I combined my session on the arc trainer with flipping through my flashcards on financial statement analysis. I think I've figured out a way to study and get some exercise! Ha ha, I'm such a nerd; I went through about half the flashcards in 45 minutes. I'll have to start doing this more often. It's certainly better than listening to the same CD play over and over on the loudspeakers.

And yesterday, I went for another tuina acupressure session. My body was really aching after the second day of class, and I felt so much better after all my blocked qi was released, or whatever it is they do. I'll have to do this again at our next class session.

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