Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Miserable weather today -- rain is just hurtling down to the ground. I put my vanity aside this morning and just wore my Tevas on my walk into work, and then changed into sandals that (obviously) better coordinate with my chic black dress. I love this dress -- I just pull it on over my head, like a dress, and it doesn't wrinkle and always flatter. Perfect for those days when I was in the office until 1am the night before (or would you say "day of"?) and when I feel like alien forces have taken over my body. I'm not sure if it's my job or the test, but my digestive and endocrine system have really been out-of-whack these past few months. I'm now super-sensitive to my diet -- I can't have just one unhealthy indulgence. On the plus side, this should mean I'll respond really well to good habits, so I'm going to be extra healthy in these weeks leading up to the exam. I'll see what abstaining from cakes, cookies, and other baked desserts does for my body.

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