Saturday, February 14, 2004

A very quick entry while Eve gets ready for her big night on town...not going out tonight, as I have another CFA test prep class session tomorrow. I'm over at her place checking it out; she just moved in, and ironies of ironies, Sherwin is her new roomie.

Anyways, I've had a busy week at work, but I am definitely learning a lot. Today I had my first CFA test prep course, and I was quite pleased with myself as I had done a bit of studying beforehand. Jen said that today I was the kind of student she annoying in college: ahead of the teacher and asking questions about problems before other students. Trust me, though, this is *not* how I was in college, when always felt like I was in a fuzzy haze desperately trying to grasp the subjects. So a nice change of pace.

Saw Bowling for Columbine last Sunday, followed by an excellent brunch animated by intelligent conversation with four other talented and thoughtful women. A party sitting at an adjacent table apparently found our conversation more interesting than his dining companion's conversation.

I definitely want to write more about movie and some other deep thoughts on my mind, but that is an exercise that will take some time.

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