Wednesday, February 25, 2004

A blog entry about a blog entry. Henry Jenkins writes about how media changes cultural identities. Certainly, the internet (can't forget IM!) and cable television (if I'd only remember to turn on the TV when I go home) is a great help in keeping up with American news and culture, such as Carrie's and company's latest antics (well, one season behind), Janet's Super Bowl exposure, and the Dean-Kerry-Edwards excitement. I don't think it's possible, however, to fully live mentally in one culture while living physically in another...I am constantly shifting between multiple worlds, whether I'm spending time with local friends from the climbing gym, fellow Western-educated peers here (and that group is further sub-divided between ethnically Chinese and non-ethnic Chinese), and relatives.

As an expatriate, you're never really fully immersed in whatever culture you're physically present in. I feel removed as well, when I go back to the States.

Anyways, these are deep thoughts that I will have to ruminate on further.

Re-cap of the weekend: busy, but good. After tai qi on Friday, Evelyne and I went to see "Lost in Translation," a movie I quite liked, and coincidentally also about alienation abroad. My takeaway from the movie, however, is that I hope never to take for granted my loved ones.

Saturday night was delicious all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ and dancing at Luxy in celebration of Adella's birthday. At one point, the DJ started playing some really old songs: "Baby Got Back," something from Mariah Carey, a little Duran Duran. I felt like I was reliving my middle school days. Although I also realized how far I've come since then. Now is much more pleasant, without all the bewilderment of adolesence. For one, I'm no longer self-concious about dancing, and just enjoy the music.

Perhaps I enjoyed a little too much, because I didn't have much sleep before getting up early Sunday morning to go rock climbing in Beitou. Still, a very enjoyable session, and I will have to upload photos soon. I always have such a good time outdoors with Karen, Bear, and Bo-ren. Jonathan, Sherwin, a mother and her daugher (both novice climbers), were welcome additions to our very merry party.

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