Sunday, February 01, 2004

Thankfully the cold snap has finally broken. Sunshine and temperate temperatures at last!

Unfortunately, I was unable to make tai qi on Friday night because of a last-minute work project. I did manage to take Karen, Adella, and Evelyne (her first time!) to the climbing gym, where my solo climb for the evening was a most pretty and quick go over the overhang. Afterwards, Karen and I met up with Angela, Felix, and Mike to see "Seabiscuit," which was playing as part of a film series at Changchun Theater.

Saturday I got a hair cut, ran some errands, lolled around, had Indian food for dinner, and watched "Frida" (again, part of the same series at Changchun). Today has been more lolling about, errands, catching up on projects, and some studying. I still haven't sent my 2003 year-in-review email...and we're pushing well into the year of the monkey. Oh well.

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