Saturday, August 03, 2002

While walking through Tonghua Night Market Wednesday night, a little boy about three years old decide to drop his ice cream cup, splashing chocolate ice cream all over me (and my light tan-colored shorts). He was not the least bit remorseful, and when his mother came out and tried to get him to apologize, he merely just looked at me. "Excuse me," his mother muttered to me, and went back to shopping.

I was so mad. I really wanted to pick the kid up and make him apologize. Even more distressing was his mother's reaction. No apology to me, no attempt to get tissue to help wipe the mess up from my arm. Alex, my boss, said I should have said, "...and I thought children in U.S. were misbehaved." Just because people are capable of having kids doesn't mean they should be parents. Woman, I feel sorry for you, because as a mother, you are just bringing on years of pain and bad behavior.

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