Friday, August 09, 2002

Last night I belayed by myself for the first time. Two new climbers, my colleague Johnny and his friend, joined the relatively veteran climbers of James (who is more experienced than me) and myself at the gym. My colleague Carol has teased that I am slowly converting the whole office into climbers: first Richard from IT and Ite from Investor Relations, and now Johnny, our designer in my department.

I learned how to thread the rope through my ATC, and after James served as a back-up belay while I belayed Johnny and his friend, he then let me belay him! Thankfully, I passed the Benson test: James dropped off the wall on purpose when I was not expecting and I managed to keep him from crashing into the floor. I'm very excited, I'm beginning to get the movements down. Unfortunately, my climbing was less than stellar. I just couldn't see the paths last night. Oh well.

Now I must be off to the gym. Tonight and tomorrow night are the going-away festivities for Eugenio. Also going on tomorrow night is Vicky's birthday and going-away party. So many dear friends are leaving at once...

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