Monday, August 12, 2002

The Nicaraguan ambassador to Taiwan, Luis Wong, and his wife threw a farewell party for Eugenio Saturday night at the clubhouse on the fourth floor of their apartment complex in Tienmu. We had lovely Mongolian bbq (the caterer set it up buffet style, and had a grill out on the patio) and very fine Mexican tequila. Then we started dancing...Mrs. Wong is quite the social director! She made sure all of us were not simply dancing, but all over the dance floor, and after awhile, I wondered why I had even bothered to go the gym earlier that day!

I danced the merengue for the first time, and I can now concur with Linda that Eugenio is a very good lead. Dancing is easier when I'm surrounded by good friends--I'm comfortable in their affection for me and don't have to worry about being embarassed by missed steps. The clubhouse closed down at 10 p.m., and the party moved upstairs to the Ambassador's residence. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see their home, so even though I wanted to take leave go to Vicky's birthday and going away party, I went up to take a look--beautiful home! Very tasteful and elegant, yet comfortable. Eventually, I was able to excuse myself from their warm Latin affection to rush (quite late) to see the glowing birthday girl at Chillhouse.

Jean also stopped by Chillhouse. She returned from touring China and was in Taiwan for less than 24 hours, on her way to joining Linda at Columbia Law, and I was so pleased to be able to see her, however briefly. Vicky is going to be in Taipei for a few more weeks, so we'll be able to spend some more time together before she heads off for business and graduate school at BU.

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