Thursday, July 11, 2002

I had the best time at karaoke Monday night. Annie and Gordon left for the U.S. on Wednesday, so Monday night we had a farewell dinner followed by KTV. Our group was a nice mix of foreigners and locals, shy people and singing enthusiasts. I had great fun singing English, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese songs. Karaoke is great language practice, I must say, although the lexicon tends to follow along the lines of lamenting unrequited love or celebrating love.

Jane and Jean told me that when just locals go to KTV, they usually take their turns singing one at a time while the others listen. Us foreigners tend to sing along in a big choral group--all the better I say, for the pitch-perfect ones to drown out guide those who are more...tone deaf. The best moment was when Gordon, Hubie, and David took the stage and started seranading Annie a la Backstreet Boys.

Not to let the guys out-do the gals, Jen and I have decided that Madonna's Like A Prayer will be our song.

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