Friday, July 05, 2002

I am marveling at how quick and cheap it was to get my teeth cleaned just now. Ah, the joys of universal health care--a mere NT$100 to get my teeth cleaned. As expected, the care was competent and fast. Only 15 minutes. I'm certain my dentist in the U.S. takes about an hour. Here, the dentist dispenses with the manual scraper tool and goes straight for the automated one. Also, I don't have my choice of strawberry or mint-flavored toothpaste like I did when I was little and used to go to the dentist. However, my teeth do feel great, and just lying there being still was such a luxury after today.

I'm really quite tired; I've had a lot to do this week, and a full weekend ahead with Flora's wedding luncheon and preparations for my birthday. Today I rushed off at lunch to the seamstress, where I got a matching top and jacket made in a sort of qipao style (mandarin collar, knotted fasteners, light silvery-blue-green silk with golden bamboo leaves embroidered on top). I also got a pair of linen pants made, to wear to work. I know that TC is likely to give me grief about my seemingly extravagant lifestyle, but I didn't pay more to get the pants made to my measurements than I would for a pair bought off the rack in the U.S. So there. It's going to be my birthday.

My birthday is on Sunday, but I'm actually going to celebrate it on Saturday night, because the day after Sunday is, well, Monday, and that's a working day. I've reserved an area of Oz, a bar/lounge, for Saturday night so that my friends can come and go as they please. I feel blessed to have a network of friends here in Taiwan.

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