Sunday, May 12, 2002

It's 6:55 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon evening, and I am at work. A project needs to be done by tomorrow afternoon, so the designer and I are here getting a head start.

I had quite a full weekend though, starting off with a ride to the end of the bus line. Jeff has left his mobile on the bus, and amazingly, it had been turned into the bus driver and was sitting at the bus depot. He had no idea where the depot was, and I thought there was a potential adventure in Taiwan, so we hopped on the bus. Later, someplace way past Xindian, we picked up his phone, turned right around and caught the bus back to Taipei. Hardly an eventful adventure, but a good chance to catch up.

Later, I met up with Wayne and his business associates visiting from Singapore at Watersheds, where I had my first encounter with a Long Island iced tea. I now know what to go for if I ever want to implement Andy's method of unlocking my superconciousness.

The group wanted to go to Carnegie's, a place I assiduously avoid because of the lecherous old men that frequent there, but they were visitors. Further, they assured me they would fend off these undesirables, so I agreed to go. Carnegie's wasn't bad, although I was quite cold towards a guy who said "hello" to me as I left the restroom. The nerve of this guy, I thought, saying hello to random women as they exit the restroom. Then, I realized this guy was Mark, part of our party, who just happened to be standing there.

Saturday was a quiet day spent exploring the open-air market in Gongguan and the textile market near Dihua Street. Linda and I met Eugenio at the tailors for a second fitting. I had hoped to pick up my shirt, and although it was quite comfortable and very nice, it was not yet perfect. I want the sleeves to be shorter and the bodice more fitted, so hopefully everything will be to my satisfaction on Wednesday when I go to pick it up.

The three of us then rushed to Jeff's place, where he was hosting a grilled meat party. We ate, accompanied by firewater Joaquin brought from Colombia and fun music provided by Mate. We left early to hear Wall Tiger play at Witch House, and they were again lots of fun.

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