Friday, May 31, 2002

I was pleased to see many old faces and meet some new people at last night's Oriented Happy Hour. The best aspect of the Oriented Happy Hour is meeting people in person that I heretofore only knew electronically. It's much like the process of meeting people at MIT: "Oh, so you are [username]! That was some zephyr conversation we had two days ago!"

So tonight was my first real chance to chat at length with TC in person, even though we have probably spent too much time having long instant message chats while at work. I also got to meet Anthony/Maoman, who I assure you is 33% funnier than me, and Mark/Cranky Laowai. I also got to see Alex and meet his friend Luis, so maybe what little Spanish I know will not deteriorate despite the fact that Linda and Eugenio, and Joaquin and Mate have left Taiwan (permanently and temporarily for the summer, respectively).

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