Thursday, May 30, 2002

As they say in Chinese, hao jiu bu jian (it's been awhile since we met).

I was so happy when I came home last night to a clean, neat home. I moved over the weekend, and my new place was not as clean as I prefer.

By clean, I expect the floors to be spotless, corners of rooms cobweb and dust free, surfaces shining, every item in its proper place. Not too much to ask for, I think... although I have been told that I have many Martha Stewart-like inclinations.

In any case, cleaning the apartment was too much for me to handle by myself (I'm not that much like Martha), so I hired Lourdes to help (although Martha does have a few personal assistants and a crew to help her in 4+ homes). Mate and Joaquin spoke highly of Lourdes, and I can now see and feel for myself why. Having a clean and neat home to come to at the end of the day makes such a difference in one's mood.

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