Sunday, June 21, 2009

product review: Dansko Mirabelle sandals

I love my Dansko Mirabelle sandals! Since I got them in late March, I've worn them every day. Danskos are known for their ergonomic molded foot beds and their "rocker bottom" soles - basically it's easy to walk in them. I even wore these sandals on my trip to Taroko Gorge, when we hiked over 5km, and my feet were fine.

I think Danskos are great for travel and maternity, because they are so comfortable and can be dressed up or down. For travel - nothing screams tourist more than sneakers and a fanny pack. I mean, people outside the U.S. just don't wear sneakers around town. It just attracts unwanted attention. Some of my co-workers on the Taroko trip thought they were high heels and were impressed I could hike in them - they didn't realize how comfortable they were!

And for maternity - I see so many women in Taiwan waddling around in Teva-like sandles, which just makes them look bloated and uncomfortable. Plus, the Mirabelles have an ankle strap for added stability, a breathable leather top sole, and a non-skid sole—which is especially reassuring now that I'm pregnant. I have another pair of Dansko clogs that I've worn in icy conditions and I've always felt secure walking around in them. And, I like the thicker sole because there is less of a chance for icky runoff and puddles to seep into my toes when rains during the summer in Taiwan.

I also have wide feet, so it's great to find a shoe company that fits so well and comfortably. Danskos come in a lot of cute styles. The Mirabelles are my third pair. The only thing to keep in mind is the sizing - my first pair of Danskos (bought 7 years ago!) was a 38 and fit fine even though according to their size charts I should actually be a 39 or 40. My Dansko clogs, which are a 39, are a bit tight around the arch - there's not enough room. The Mirabelles, also a 39, fit perfectly, but then they're sandals so there's a bit more give in case my feet swell. So I would recommend to try them on in person to find the right size, if that is possible. (My last two pairs of Danskos were ordered online so it was a bit of a gamble!)

Anyways, I loved my Mirabelles so much I ordered another pair in black and I'm really looking forward to getting them when my mom's friend brings them to me in Taiwan.

p.s. There's a great little movie about the company on their corporate website. I thought they were a Danish company, but they're actually an American company with Danish roots.

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Discount Dansko Shoes said...

I totally agree! Dansko shoes are such a great combination of comfort and style. I especially love their mules. I don't have the Mirabelles but they look great.