Tuesday, May 08, 2007

We love tag sales

Yesterday I took the High Speed Rail (for the first time!) to Hsinchu to check out a moving sale. We scored some nice stuff, including a lovely mid-century modern walnut china cabinet for about a third to half the price of a particleboard item from IKEA. It's nice getting quality furniture at bargain prices. And infinitely better than having the same IKEA as everyone else, although this site, IKEA Hacker, has some creative ideas for personalizing that ubiquitous and affordable IKEA stuff (much of which I love, btw - design for the masses!).

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Anonymous said...


Reading your tag sales and riding high speed rail, I assume you are still in Taiwan. By accident, I run into your blog yesterday, I decide to write you this note. I am your third uncle from your father side. I have not seen you since 1984. In 1999, before she left for medical school, your cousin, Martha, sent an E-mail message to you and your brother. Unfortunately, for whatever reasons, she did not receive responses from both you and your brother. Naturally, she was disappointed. Martha now resides in LA area. She will complete her residency next month. She has decided to practice her profession in LA area and does not plan to go back to Texas in the near future. I am still working for U.S. Government and plan to retire next year or two years later. If you and your brother (I have no information about your brother) are interested in keeping the contact with Martha, you and your brother may reach me at dad.liao@gmail.com or hc.liao@verizon.net.

Best Wishes,

Henry C. Liao