Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy (belated) birthday to me!

(and Neil, too!)

Eve just sent me this picture from my birthday that I love, love, love. Neil got a wonderful chocolate cake from Ellie Bakery, and I almost couldn't bear to cut it's sleek chocolatey squareness.

And then, a couple of weeks later, under the guise of going to the gym, I instead went and baked puffs and made chocolate sauce for profiteroles, my birthday surprise for Neil. Mike generously lent me his kitchen; the poor guy—I was up past two in the morning making puffs.

Look! We have a bun in the oven! (just kidding)

Making chocolate sauce. Chocolate sauce recipe from David Lebovitz—mine came out a little watery.

Profiterole glamour shot.

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