Thursday, February 17, 2005

Bali beautiful

Bali is a very spiritual place. The temple architecture reminded me of those at Cambodia's Angkor, except that Bali feels like a living spirituality, rather than a historical relic. Everyday, people place small offerings all over the place - on the street, at shrines, in various nooks and crannies. Pre-made offerings can be bought at the market:

In Ubud, I took a Balinese cooking class at the Casa Luna Cooking School.

The cooking school was conveniently run by the same people who ran my lodgings, the Honeymoon Guesthouse. I adored my room my second night there, which overlooked the beautiful, Mediterrannean-style pool. I leisurely enjoyed my breakfast that was delivered to my balcony.

All in all, a relaxing trip in a very lush place.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Berta! Can you live in a place like this for any extended period of time?

B said...

I think liveable and lovely places to visit fall under very different criteria. I've never actually lived in Bali, or looked into it, so I can't make an educated comment. But the economy there seems to be heavily dependent on tourism, which has its ups and downs.