Friday, October 29, 2004

Like a kid in a candy shop

There's simply too much that I have and want to do! Earnings season is wrapping up, which translates into even longer hours at work, and a few friends have or will come to Taipei in the next few days (Eric, Joaquin, and Mate), a friend is leaving Taiwan Sunday (Mike), a friend just celebrated a birthday (Ming), not to mention all the others that must be kept up with (because its fun). I'd like to go to dance class tonight, but I think I'll skip that in favor of climbing, which I haven't done this week (getting off of work at 11pm on Tuesday put a damper on my climbing plans that day). Plus, I dearly want to go surfing, if only for a little bit, this weekend. Oh yes, I also have my SCUBA homework to do. Oh my.

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RahX said...

That post was (kinda hard to read).

Surfing sound like a lot of fun.