Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Life at in general

This post is actually a draft that I started in May. Since then, I no longer deal with brilliant people who are unreliable, but must instead deal with personalities who are always at the center of their attentions.

But the real reason I decided to blog today was an article in today's Asian Wall Street Journal about how junior officers are the ones taking charge in Iraq. The subject of the article, Captain Ayers, says about how to best prepare young solders for the experiences he's had:

"I guess I'd drop soldiers in a foriegn high school and give them two days to figure out all the cliques. Who are the cool kids? Who are the geeks? ...there would also have to be people in the high school trying to kill the soldiers."

Life is all about learning how to deal with the situation at hand. Someone wrote in iVillage the hardest part about having adult responsibilities in your 20s is that you don't have the experience to evaluate decisions. They advised cultivating a longer-term perspective, and asking one's self, "in 5, 10, 20 years, will this decision bring me closer to the life I want, or farther from it?"

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