Monday, September 27, 2004

If the rain won't go away, get out of the rain

I woke up yesterday morning absolutely certain that I wanted to leave Taipei, weather notwithstanding. So we all met up at New York New York and made our way to the northeast coast. A good thing, too, because it wasn't raining there! Like proper Taiwanese residents, we arrived at Fulong beach and got out of caravan to determine that we were hungry, and promptly got back into our cars to go to Aodi for a seafood lunch. Then we returned to Fulong. Unfortunately, the typhoons have swept a lot of debris onto the beach, and the sea was none to clean, either. So we just stood ankle deep in the water for a bit, and then headed off to Jin Gua Shi, this old mining town that is being restored as a historical tourist spot. Here are Abi's photos to keep you all entertained until I upload my own.

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