Sunday, June 13, 2004


Since I took four and a half days off two weeks ago for the CFA exam, I've been spending the past week catching up on all my work. I think I've made quite a dent into my to do list, after a few very late nights at the office. However, I realized I also managed last week to go rock climbing, have lunch with Jonathan and Angie, have dinner with Eve, have dinner with Mike and Ming, swim once, meet with my trainer twice, and get a therapeutic massage (my post-exam present to myself). Not bad, all in all.

On today's agenda: finish two loads of laundry, move into my temporary housing, buy fruit for the week, and go back into work to finish a few projects. I have a packed schedule these next few weeks: I'll be in Hong Kong next weekend, going canyoning the following weekend, moving to a more permanent place July 10, and kayaking the weekend following that. Whew! And there are still five more exams I want to tackle this year...

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