Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Starbucks as a sub-par refuge

Today was my first full day of study leave. Unfortunately, my plans to study at home were thwarted by jack hammers and drills on both sides of the apartment. I guess all my neighbors decided to do some renovations today. Eventually I fled to Starbucks to study, as my favorite cafe is closed on Tuesdays. At Starbucks, the tables are not as big, the staff doesn't refill your water glass (unlike at my favorite cafe), and the girl behind the counter annoyingly kept trying to get me to buy one of their sticky-sweet goo that they call pastries (Starbucks in Taiwan no longer carries the one item I did like, their maple cinammon scones). But at least jackhammers weren't giving a concert there.

Later, I went to Daniel's for lunch and got more studying done. The panini at Daniel's are divine, particularly the Parma ham and Emmental cheese on focaccia panino. Daniel's, by the way, is in Tonglin Plaza next to California gym by adjacent to the Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT station.

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