Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I've decided I'm really not a cat-person. My flatmate and I have been house-sitting her friend's cat for the past week, and I am looking forward to when that cat's owner takes her back tonight. Unlike most cats, this cat isn't aloof and standoffish. She literally rubs me the wrong way. Unlike dogs, who are affectionate in a very cute and appealing manner, this cat manages to be constantly underfoot. I've nearly tripped several times, as has my flatmate. And, this cat has managed to soil every cushion on the couch. This morning I saw that she had thrown up in the living room and balcony, always a good sight to see while eating breakfast.

To top it all off, due to a confluence of factors, I was woken up three times last night by calls -- all of which would not have happened if not for the presence of that cat. This makes for a very sleepy and grouchy Berta at work today. I'm turning off my phone tonight before I go to sleep.

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