Monday, December 08, 2003

I went to the Chilin Cultural and Educational Center in Ilan yesterday as part of a tour group consisting mostly of foreign nationals who played instrumental roles in Taiwan's democratization. At the Center is the Taiwan Democratic Movement Museum. As Jen and I had worked on the english text of the guide to the Museum, we served as volunteer guides through the museum. What was ironic was that although I'm familiar with the topic, yesterday's trip was also my first visit to the museum, and many of the tour group members spoke better Taiwanese and could read more Chinese characters than me. Most of these visitors had been Presbyterian missionaries to Taiwan.

I always find spending time with Lin Yi-hsiung and his wife quietly inspiring, and yesterday was no different. What made yesterday extra special was that I really was able to get a sense of the excitement, trepidation, and sorrow that some of these people went through as they remained steadfast to their beliefs of social justic, democracy, peace, hope, and love while living under an authoritarian regime.

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