Monday, November 04, 2002

Today, Jenny helped me to print out the lyrics to two songs by Mayday, a Taiwanese rock band. One song's lyrics are in Mandarin, the other is in Taiwanese. I am determined to learn them before the next round of KTV. Flora's farewell KTV party last Friday reminded me once again how much I want to learn some Taiwanese songs. James and May had kindly given me a VCD of Mayday's album so that I could practice the songs at home. Unfortunately, I hadn't yet learned the songs when they showed up Friday night. "Berta!" May chided me, "you should know this song!"

I attempted to sing some familiar melodies, Taiwanese folk songs that my parents and their friends sang while I was growing up. One of these days, I'll have to ask my mom for the lyrics and the romanization, since my character-reading skills are still quite limited. A great feature of going to KTV, though, is that hearing the words and seeing the characters improves both my Mandarin and Taiwanese reading skills.

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