Friday, November 01, 2002

Double-fermented, extra-funky, super-foul stinky tofu

My colleague Jenny brought in chou doufu ru to the office for our colleague, Richard. Richard is quite fond of this product, which is fermented chou doufu. And what is chou doufu you may ask? Literally, it means "stinky tofu" and is tofu that is fermented in a brine till it take a distinctive odor. Stinky tofu can be served steamed or fried. Now, I like my soy products and tofu in many of its forms. But the smell of stinky tofu (which reminds me of an open sewer) always makes me nauseous. In comparison, this twice-fermented stinky tofu, chou doufu ru, made stinky tofu smell like a designer perfume. Even many of the locals can't stand the smell.

Of course, Richard would have to open the package to accompany his oyster rice noodle soup, which Carol had treated the whole office to. I had to move to another part of the floor for over an hour to get away from the smell.

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