Monday, June 17, 2002

Friday's entry has been bothering me all weekend because it should actually go to Electronic Paths, so I am going to put a copy there. In any case, Felicia came up from Gaoxiong (that's Kaohsiung, for those that don't read Hanyu Pinyin) for the weekend, so Saturday we set off to see the Dragon Boat races. We arrived just in time to see...the very last race.

I'd never seen a dragon boat race before, so being able to watch that one was good. I think it's similar to crew races. Not as much eye candy as TC had led me to believe, but a nice selection of strenously exercising local and foreign teams. Afterwards, we behaved like proper Taiwanese and wandered over to the tents that had been set up, and with Benecio's and Mei's guidance, sampled Tainan xiaochi (little dishes), including Tainan styled cai-zang (savory rice bundles eaten especially during this festival period).

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