Tuesday, June 18, 2002

A common understanding among the international community in Taiwan is the poor quality of service here. The service at Ziga Zaga in the Grand Hyatt Taipei was particularly egregious Friday night. Hubie, Flora, Felicia, Yukie, Patty, Christine, and I gathered to watch the World Cup. Among the notable moments in service were when the waitress tossed a plate across the table; when the waiter removed my bread plate before I had finished my roll; and when the waitress rolled her eyes and had an attitude when Flora and Hubie turned their attention away from paying the bill to jump up and down in excitement when Korea beat Portugual so that the U.S. could advance to the second round. I was so mad at the service, I really wanted to say some choice words in Chinese.

In contrast, I was pleasantly surprised Sunday morning when I went to the Taiwan Adventist Hospital for an annual check-up. TC had recommended the hospital, and I found all of the staff to be extremely helpful. There was none of the cold efficiency of the National Taiwan University Hospital or the more typical rudeness, why-should-I-be-bothered-with-you attitude of the Taipei Municipal Ren-ai Hospital. The staff at the Adventist were patient with my unfamiliarity with their registration system and the physical layout of the various departments, and did their best to help me fill out parts of the paperwork that I couldn't understand. I had a nice chat with the physician about health issues I should be aware of, and when I left, I felt like giving each of the staff members a big hug and a thank you.

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