Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!

My parents' visit ends in a few days, and in the 3+ weeks that they've been here little munchkin has grown so much. Today he weighed an unofficial 6.5 kilos on the bathroom scale.

Now, he can:

  • "stand" while supported
  • grab things and hold them with his hand
  • see across the room, and thus follow people with his eyes
  • see (and stare!) at the TV screen

Just this past weekend, it's as if the world just exploded into color for him. He's so curious, he has a hard time nursing. The other morning he woke up hungry for breakfast. But after a few vigorous sucks, he'd break off to look left, right, left, in wide-eyed curiosity before returning to suck vigorously, only to break off a few 6seconds later with another new discovery, and repeat over and over. Funny, although tiring for the sole "chef" and "waitress" at Mom's Diner. I've gotten a lot of use out of my nursing cape since then (thanks Auntie Jenn, for making it) as it makes a dark and less stimulating environment so that he can focus on nursing, or if he's in the carrier, fall asleep.

Speaking of which, I'm in the market for a new carrier. Although I love the versatility of the ring sling, I really need something that distributes weight across both shoulders and my hips and can be used until toddlerhood. Being able to nurse in it, easy in-and-out, a variety of baby-wearing positions, and dad-friendly wearability are all pluses. Oh, and Taiwan is incredibly hot and humid in the summer. Any suggestions?


Galen said...

Do you take reservation's at Mom's diner? ;) Love the pic of the rents and BP

B said...

To get into Mom's Diner, you have to be on the VIP guest list...and the guest list is now closed!