Monday, December 21, 2009

A silver lining

My favorite part of night feedings (I know, you must wonder how there could possibly be anything pleasant about those mandatory nightly sleep disruptions) is the expression my little guy makes as I burp him. You see, the little fellow is tired and wants to go back to sleep, but he also knows he's gassy. So as he's sitting on my lap getting burped, he keeps his eyes shut and pouts. It's so cute! Alas, with both hands needed to prop him up, I'm not able to photograph it. And, as his digestion has matured, I rarely burp him at night. It is a moment of his babyhood that is gradually fading away along with his sweet newborn scent.

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Jennifer said...

I think that scent stays around until toddlerhood :-D I used to put my cheek to my baby's and imagine that I'd just had a teeny tiny glimpse of Heaven! So yummy. I miss it. Enjoy those precious baby days.