Sunday, May 17, 2009

20 weeks: he kicks!

This week, I finally felt our son kick. Late Tuesday night, I was reading in bed (a book on pregnancy and childbirth, no less) when I unconsciously rolled onto my tummy. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pulse in my lower right abdomen. Was that the baby? Was I squishing him? Excited, I rolled onto my side but didn't feel anything more. The next day at work, I felt him again - he's alive!

Then he discovered my pelvic floor - "no, you didn't just kick me there." He tends to be really active in the afternoons and evenings, about 30 minute after I eat.

Today, Neil finally felt him kick while we were at the Apple Store. So exciting! I swear, he's a regular Fred Astaire in the womb. He loves playing DDR with my pelvic floor.

And yes, he's a boy. At our 12 week checkup, our doctor was sure she saw a boy, but the sonogram makes sense only to a highly trained medical professional. This week, at our 2nd trimester anatomy, his 'boy part' was clear as day in between his two thighs. Even *I* could tell.

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