Thursday, April 23, 2009

I love Tide-to-Go

Today while at work, I was absently-mindedly scratching a bite I got last Saturday when I smelled iron. Darn it! I'd scratched too much and drawn blood. Then I looked down on my pants and realized I'd gotten a blood stain. I quickly reached for my Tide-to-Go stain remover stick. Voila! No more stain.

I love this stuff - if you're messy like me, it'll save you lots of laundry effort. I keep one in my purse. My friends love me because when they have a dinner spill, I'm the one with the Tide-to-Go. And, when Abi and Horia visited us in Taiwan, they asked me to buy them 2 bulk packs at Costco because apparently, they don't sell them in Hong Kong and they love them, too. Abi apparently keeps one in every purse. It's a smart idea.


kuri said...

I think I need this stuff. I wonder if there's anything like it sold in Japan.

B said...

I've tried a bunch of products, including Shout stain wipes and the Evercare Stain Eraser, but the Tide to Go has worked best for me.