Wednesday, December 20, 2006

moved! blurbed! not yet wedded!

It's been a crazy week/weekend. Friday night Neil and I finally moved to our new place. The weekend was spent unpacking and shopping for some furniture as well as other new household necessities like trash bins and hooks. He's been an absolute sweetheart with taking care of a lot of the unpacking, furniture deliveries, setting up of cable Internet, etc.

Sunday we shopped and moved some more, I interviewed a prospective applicant to MIT, and reviewed ceremony text with Jen. Monday was sort of a blur, but I did pick up the last of our engagement pictures (Photoshopped to perfection). I spent all day Tuesday working on our engagement picture book using Blurb. More about Blurb in a future post.

Up next: more unpacking and sorting in advance of my parents' and Galen's arrival next Friday, and then marrying in 2.5 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Berta! I heard from Andy that you're getting married!! Congratulations!!! I still remember when we used to sigh over single womanhood together back in Taiwan... :) Time flies! All the best to you and your new soon-to-be hubbie~ May you enjoy sweet conjugal bliss for all your years~~ Gong-xi ne!

Anonymous said...

Aren't you getting married like this Saturday? If I remember correctly, best wishes are in order. I hope you you enjoy your wedding. Love you lots and think of you often.

Nadia Caro Robinson
Yes, I am still under delusions of grandeur.