Saturday, October 28, 2006

It never rains, it pours

I was felled Tuesday by something funky I ate Monday night. Then, lots of meetings Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. And upcoming: besides work, there's wedding planning and moving (several times) before the wedding. Ai ya!

Part of me is sad to move, because even though my apartment is old and showing its age, I've lived here for over two years. It's been cozy living with Angela, and she's always said that my room (her previous room) must have good feng shui, because we both met our respective husband/fiance while living there. And of course, I'll miss being a five minute walk from my office. But, I've also heard that it's important to create your own space as a couple, and by moving, we will do just that...unless, of course, you are J. Lo and you hire one of the Fab Five to redo Marc Anthony's bachelor mansion.

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