Thursday, December 15, 2005

Merry Christmas?

Hmm, lots of thoughts but no time to sit down and write them out. Lately I've been wierded out going about town: Christmas carols play on radio stations and shopping malls, and bus drivers have been seen donning Santa hats and suits. All this in a Taoist-Buddhist society. Smacks strongly of commercialism. Yet, because Christmas isn't really part of the culture, there's none of that holiday stress that one lately reads about in the American press: no multitude of holiday office parties and festivities for one to worry about weight gain, and none of the pressure of gifts for one to worry about the wallet. I told Neil that there was no need to give gifts for Christmas this year as we already gave to each other while in the U.S. during Thanksgiving. Recently I've just been in a very socially-concious, anti-consumerist mood.

In other news, happy birthday to my dearest brother Galen! He is most certainly the one I miss most about not living in the U.S.


Anonymous said...

Not having a buy a ton of gifts is one of my favorite parts about living here too. Although, binging on chocolate I do miss.

B said...

After reading all these news reports about holiday weight gain in the U.S...I think missing the chocolate binge is a good thing for my waistline.