Monday, October 31, 2005

no tricks, all treat

So Neil and I decided to skip out on all the Halloween parties and take the advice of our massage therapist to spend some quality time on resting and rejuvenation. A quiet weekend at the beach house doing laundry, surfing (well, paddling and getting tossed about in the waves for me), watching movies, sleeping, and yoga. Good stuff. So nice to start the week well-rested, and with clear skin and bright eyes.

On movie I did see was Yi Yi, one of my favorites. I last saw it before I moved to Taiwan four years ago. At that time, I had to read the subtitles to understand the dialogue. Besides playing name-that-place (the movie is filmed in Taipei), I realized this time that I could follow along with mostly everything, even occasionally suggest better translations for the subtitles. Cool beans.

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